Pricing & Promotions

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It means optimising right price and promotions for given timeframe by predicting net impact in sales


True Gradient uses state-of-the-art deep learning models to create solutions based on historical data and other parameters such as Consumer demand effects, Space, Location and Cross-elasticities.


Our platform is truly self-serve and completely no-code with a simple 4-step process leading to solutions – Import data, fill up business context, execute run, go to insights layer/ consume results.


The business context page is custom designed for every problem and needs basic data related/ problem related inputs from the user.


True Gradient creates on the fly dashboard which can be utilised to analyse trends and results at selected dimensions. Results developed are downloadable for further analysis or can be directly integrated with your website using API integration feature. Model metrics like feature importance, accuracy, bias are also available in the dashboard.

Create ML models within minutes in a self-serve no-code way

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