No Code AI Platform

  • Speed
    Enabling problem solving at 4x speed
  • Cost
    Reduce the cost upto 75% (x/4 cost)
  • Accuracy
    State of the art models with high precision

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Import datasets

Import data in any format (.csv, .txt) or connect existing analytical database to the app. Leave the data preprocessing to us. :)

Input business context

Define test variables, add train/test period and submit.

Execute platform

This includes EDA, processing, stacking, model running.

Goto Insights Layer

Insights layer includes all the pre/post modelling results in a shareable dashboard format.

Problem Spaces

Business use cases based on real-world problems

Supply Chain Management

Top few Modules include

  • ✔ Demand Planning
  • ✔ Pricing & Promotions
  • ✔ Inventory Optimization

Personalization & Recommendation

Top few Modules include

  • ✔ Personalized Targeting
  • ✔ Next Logical/Best Action
  • ✔ Offer Recommendation

Custom Models by Framework

Top few Modules include

  • ✔ Time Series Modelling
  • ✔ Binary/Multiclass Classifcation
  • ✔ Regression Modelling