Unlock your revenue using AI to
solve supply chain optimisation

TrueGradient is like an AI expert that provides you solutions based on objectives defined by the user. It has been custom developed for solving each supply chain problem with a foundation of advanced AI algorithms.

Our Vision

At TrueGradient, our vision extends far and wide – to democratise the power of AI and forge a holistic solution that revolutionises supply chain management. We aspire to bring the capabilities of artificial intelligence within everyone’s reach, fostering a landscape where businesses of all sizes can harness the potential of advanced technology.

Our dedication is manifested in our commitment to crafting an integrated solution that redefines supply chain management. By weaving AI seamlessly into every facet, we envision a future where businesses optimise their inventory, streamline logistics, predict demand, and enhance operational efficiency with ease. This comprehensive approach encompasses the entire supply chain journey, ensuring a harmonious orchestration of processes.

With a steadfast commitment to democratisation, we aim to level the playing field, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and navigate the intricacies of supply chain with confidence. Our vision encapsulates a world where AI transcends its complexity, transforming into a powerful ally for businesses, regardless of scale or sector.

Our Story

Having worked in data science and analytics industry for several years, we have noticed some gaps related to time to value for data science solutions.

It was within this context that the seeds of TrueGradient AI were sown. As founders, our vision crystallised around addressing this critical issue head-on. With a firm belief in the transformative potential of AI, we embarked on a mission to bridge these gaps and democratise the power of AI for all.

The creation of TrueGradient AI stemmed from a commitment to redefining the status quo. Through our platform, we aim to usher in an era where AI-driven insights are not an unattainable luxury but an indispensable tool available to all who seek to innovate, optimise, and excel.

With every line of code and every feature developed, we remained steadfast in our dedication to democratise AI and provide businesses with the means to transform their operations, enhance decision-making, and achieve unprecedented levels of success.

TrueGradient is a  belief that technology can be a catalyst for positive change and that by eliminating the barriers to AI adoption, we can unlock a new world of possibilities for businesses everywhere. As founders, we remain committed to this vision, driving TrueGradient forward as a force that empowers businesses to thrive in the era of AI innovation.

Our team

Ankur Verma
Co-founder & CEO
Siddharth Shahi
Co-founder & CTO
Namrata Gupta
Co-founder & COO

Our Customers

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